Feb 01

Ambrosia KPop App and Version 3

Ambrosia KPop App

The Ambrosia KPop App was released recently and is doing very well!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it.  We now have over 160 kpop groups available to select and it grows on a weekly basis.  If there are any groups you want to see listed please let us know so we can add them.


Ambrosia JPop App

We are working on a JPop app as well.  At the moment we only have a few jpop groups loaded but once there’s a decent amount we will release the app.  Expect it in a few weeks.


Lyrics Apps Version 3

We are currently working on version 3 of our lyrics app and the improvements are going to be big.  We have a big redesign which makes the app more intuitive, more user friendly and supports the new features.  Initially this will be for the KPop app and JPop app, but plan on updating some of the individual apps at a later stage as well.

Version 3 will include the following enhancements:

  • Displaying of images for groups, albums, singles
  • Change Font size
  • Share lyrics
  • Report an issue with a lyric
  • Search option when selecting groups to download
  • More streamlined update process for lyrics


We do not have a release date yet, but estimations would be that it should be done in about March.

Jul 18

Update on General KPop App

General KPop App

We’ve been fairly quiet in terms of releasing apps lately, this is due to the development going into the general app.

There is still quite a bit of development work on both the app and the admin backend to support the new features, but I think everyone will be pleased with the results!

It is also going to allow us to expand into other genre’s such as JPop and CPop.  If you have any requests for groups please send them to us 😉


While I personally have been busy with coding work, my colleague has been very busy updating lyrics and adding new groups.  Once the general kpop app is out it will unlock pretty much every group that’s been requested up until now + some extras.  To put it in perspective, we currently have 37 lyrics apps on Google Play.  In the backend there are now 87 groups added!  Not all of them have complete lyrics yet, but there’s at least about 50 that are complete.


Survey Results

I promised survey results in the previous post.  I apologize for the delay!  Here are the results and how we plan on proceeding:

Which Groups would you most like to see an app for?

Other groups mentioned were often quite extensive lists, almost all will be available with the General App 😉


There were mixed feelings on the question of adding the option for links to purchase albums.  In the end it was divided nearly 50/50.  For now we have decided to leave the option out.  If we implement it later it would be optional.

We added the question “Would you be interested in a monthly newsletter?” as a last minute idea.  We never expected the huge interest in it.  73% of those that voted would like a newsletter.  We are going to look at implementing this in the near future.  Thank you for your interest!


Thank you all for your outstanding support!  We hope we impress and please all of you when we finally release the new app!

– Benjamin

Jun 17

New Apps, Survey, Future project and more

A lot has happened lately and now that we have the new website/blog up and running it’s time to give some feedback as to what is happening here at Ambrosia.

New Website/Blog

Firstly, we finally have a blog up and running!  We’ve been meaning to set it up for months but the number of lyrics requests has been keeping us busy! 😉

Please excuse the plain styling for now.  We will be getting some proper designs organised at a later stage.


We released a survey recently to get some feedback on ideas and features for the Lyrics Apps.  If you have not yet participated please fill it in for us!

Lyrics Apps Survey

We will be posting the results of the survey soon, so please add your view!

One of the things that has surprised us so far has been the almost unanimous request for a newsletter.  We added the option as a last-minute idea and didn’t expect such a great demand for it!  We are going to be setting up a newsletter soon, please be patient 🙂

New Lyrics Apps and Lyrics Updates

We have been somewhat overwhelmed with requests lately,

We have released 8 lyrics apps recently.  We still have many requests for groups, however this month also saw a lot of new album releases from many of the groups we have apps for already.  This meant a lot of time went into updating the lyrics instead of new releases.

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Upcoming Project

There is a new project we are planning on completing soon.  It will be a general K-POP Lyrics app.  This will be an app that allows you to select multiple groups and view the lyrics in a single app instead of having to install all the individual ones.

We will still support the existing apps as well as release more individual apps but it allows us to make groups available much faster and smaller groups or subgroups that may not really need a full dedicated app can benefit as well.

There are many features we plan on implementing, for example we want to be able to give you the option of selecting from a set of colour schemes.  I don’t want to list all the features just yet however, as some may not make it into the app.

We don’t have a release date for this app yet, but we’re hoping to have it ready by end of July 2013.

Lyrics App Features/Update Coming soon

There will be an update for the lyrics apps in a few weeks time as well.  This will implement features such as automatic checking for lyrics updates (there will be an option to turn this on/off), some bug fixes and a new menu selection for extra options such as changing the font size.

The changes might require you to download the lyrics again, but we will try to avoid that if possible.

YesAsia – Latest products

YesAsia has some of the latest released albums available for sale.  If you are looking to purchase some kpop music they have a great service.

Apr 19

Upcoming Lyrics Apps

We have a number of lyrics apps coming up soon, this is the current list (in no particular order):

  • C-Clown
  • After School Redux
  • Block-B
  • EXID
  • Miss A
  • Spica
  • Nine Muses

These are the ones that we have all or most of the lyrics ready, so it’s just a case of customizing the app for the group colours and then building it for the App Store.

Apr 17

Lyrics Apps and Feedback

We have received a lot of positive comments and emails regarding our lyrics apps.  We are very pleased that the apps are useful to so many!

Please continue to send requests and suggestions to us, we read every email, twitter and store comment.  While we struggle to respond to all of them, we do take note and many of the apps that have been released would not have been released if they had not been requested!

Thank you to everyone who has sent encouraging emails and comments, we really appreciate it!