Feb 01

Ambrosia KPop App and Version 3

Ambrosia KPop App

The Ambrosia KPop App was released recently and is doing very well!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it.  We now have over 160 kpop groups available to select and it grows on a weekly basis.  If there are any groups you want to see listed please let us know so we can add them.


Ambrosia JPop App

We are working on a JPop app as well.  At the moment we only have a few jpop groups loaded but once there’s a decent amount we will release the app.  Expect it in a few weeks.


Lyrics Apps Version 3

We are currently working on version 3 of our lyrics app and the improvements are going to be big.  We have a big redesign which makes the app more intuitive, more user friendly and supports the new features.  Initially this will be for the KPop app and JPop app, but plan on updating some of the individual apps at a later stage as well.

Version 3 will include the following enhancements:

  • Displaying of images for groups, albums, singles
  • Change Font size
  • Share lyrics
  • Report an issue with a lyric
  • Search option when selecting groups to download
  • More streamlined update process for lyrics


We do not have a release date yet, but estimations would be that it should be done in about March.

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