Apr 19

Upcoming Lyrics Apps

We have a number of lyrics apps coming up soon, this is the current list (in no particular order):

  • C-Clown
  • After School Redux
  • Block-B
  • EXID
  • Miss A
  • Spica
  • Nine Muses

These are the ones that we have all or most of the lyrics ready, so it’s just a case of customizing the app for the group colours and then building it for the App Store.


  1. Andrea

    Hi.. please I like SS501, you would to make app of them

  2. Violet

    I really love your apps. I would like to request a DBSK/JYJ lyric app. I know this is quite a feat, considering how many songs they have and the fact that they have songs in Korean, as well as Japanese. If its not possible to put DBSK and JYJ together, that’s just fine. Thanks for considering! -Violet

    1. Thomas Lenz

      Hi Violet

      We always welcome requests, it lets us know how to prioritize the different groups out there 🙂

      At the moment, TVXQ is on our list, and we are busy compiling their lyrics, but we are focusing on getting the general Kpop app out in the meantime.

      I will add JYJ to our list as well, and hopefully we will be able to have them ready for you soon.

      – Thomas

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