Jul 18

Update on General KPop App

General KPop App

We’ve been fairly quiet in terms of releasing apps lately, this is due to the development going into the general app.

There is still quite a bit of development work on both the app and the admin backend to support the new features, but I think everyone will be pleased with the results!

It is also going to allow us to expand into other genre’s such as JPop and CPop.  If you have any requests for groups please send them to us 😉


While I personally have been busy with coding work, my colleague has been very busy updating lyrics and adding new groups.  Once the general kpop app is out it will unlock pretty much every group that’s been requested up until now + some extras.  To put it in perspective, we currently have 37 lyrics apps on Google Play.  In the backend there are now 87 groups added!  Not all of them have complete lyrics yet, but there’s at least about 50 that are complete.


Survey Results

I promised survey results in the previous post.  I apologize for the delay!  Here are the results and how we plan on proceeding:

Which Groups would you most like to see an app for?

Other groups mentioned were often quite extensive lists, almost all will be available with the General App 😉


There were mixed feelings on the question of adding the option for links to purchase albums.  In the end it was divided nearly 50/50.  For now we have decided to leave the option out.  If we implement it later it would be optional.

We added the question “Would you be interested in a monthly newsletter?” as a last minute idea.  We never expected the huge interest in it.  73% of those that voted would like a newsletter.  We are going to look at implementing this in the near future.  Thank you for your interest!


Thank you all for your outstanding support!  We hope we impress and please all of you when we finally release the new app!

– Benjamin

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